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The main objective of the company has always been to provide the best quality transplants and the best possible service to its customers. This has been achieved by continuous investment and adoption of new methods and technologies and by working closely with its customers. In order to achieve this high standard of quality, it has always been a priority to use the best possible raw materials.

This has led Solomou Nurseries in importing directly from some of the best horticultural raw material companies in the world and to become their sole agent here in Cyprus.

Throughout the years a solid distribution network has been created by the company in order to supply growers, nurseries and garden centers all over Cyprus with these imported products. All the products are tested extensively by the company or by working closely with some key growers first, and then sold to its clients. This ensures that the products are of excellent quality.

As Cyprus now is a part of the European Community, new doors have opened to the Cypriot horticultural market, making importing and exporting of products easier and bringing other European countries ‘closer’ to Cyprus. Moreover, Cyprus has a very central geographical position between Europe and the Middle East, which coupled with the excellent weather conditions of Cyprus and the solution of the irrigation problem, have created a very strong position for the Cypriot horticultural sector.

Solomou Nurseries has always been a company with a vision and considers all changes in its sector very carefully. At the moment Solomou Nurseries have the potential of producing double the quantity they already produce and are at the moment considering of expanding even more.

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