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Solomou Nurseries was founded 30 years ago by horticulturist Michalis Solomou and has been since then, both a pioneer and a market leader in Cyprus for transplant production for vegetables, ornamentals, herbs and cut-flowers. Now the company covers 40000m² of covered production area and employs more than 60 full-time personnel.

A former grower himself, Michalis Solomou had the experiences to help him know exactly what growers needed at the time, 30 years ago, and to know that production of transplants had to be perfect from the first stage until the day they were delivered to the growers, as a perfect and healthy transplant is the most critical step towards a quality crop. For some years he was trying hard to convince growers that it was to their own interest to buy ready transplants than to try and germinate them by themselves in their own fields!

The management now has been strengthened by three family members, Marios, Harris  and Nicholas Solomou. This boosted the existing drive for innovation and has brought new ideas to the company.

Through the years many new ideas and methods have been introduced into the Cyprus horticultural sector through Solomou Nurseries, leaving to the company a number of FAO awards throughout the years. The company, in close contact with the agricultural institute of research has also contacted a large number of experiments. One of the most important ones has been grafting of watermelon, melon and tomato seedlings that has revolutionised the production of these crops.

In addition to this, the company has moved dynamically into the sector of ornamentals and now offers a very wide range of both bedding plants and cut flower plugs. In order to achieve the high standard of quality offered to clients, it has always been a priority to use the best possible raw materials. This has led Solomou Nurseries in importing directly from some of the best horticultural raw material companies in the world and to become their sole agent here in Cyprus. Throughout the years a solid distribution network has been created by the company in order to supply growers, nurseries and garden centers all over Cyprus with these imported products.

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