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Fresh pot herbs and salads
Vasar pots
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The production of vegetable transplants was the initial area of concentration of the company 30 years ago and is still the most important one. As the company is an independent business, it is able to select the best varieties from the world’s best breeders in order to satisfy its customers.

The company produces an enormous range of vegetable transplants in order to cover all types that are planted in Cyprus and continuously introduces new types of vegetables and encourages growers to try them and marketers to market them.

Moreover, the company continuously tries new vegetable varieties by working closely with some key growers for 2-3 years first and then safely introduces them to the market.


Solomou Nurseries Ltd have moved dynamically into the uprising and fashionable sector of ornamentals, herbs and cut-flowers and by dealing with companies like Ball Seeds, produces a very wide range of these products and continuously introduces new varieties and types of ornamentals, herbs and cut-flowers. With close contact with its clients and with regular visits abroad, the company knows the market trends and in some cases creates new market trends.

At the moment Solomou Nurseries use two kind of plug-trays for the production of these plants: the 84 plug-tray which is used by pot-growers and gardeners and the 72 plug-tray which is used by garden centres and florists for retailing as it is divided into smaller 9 plug-trays.


Solomou Nurseries Ltd is the sole distributor of various vegetable, ornamental, cut-flower and herb seed companies including Zeraim Gedera Seeds (, Semillas Fito (, Ergon Seed, Comptoir Paulinois and Ball Seeds (

Through the years the company has formed a solid testing and distribution network for seeds. Trials for new varieties are carried over at different seasons throughout the year, in various parts of Cyprus with different climatic conditions and in co-operation with good growers. During these trials, which may last up to three years all the characteristics of the plant and its production are noted and the best varieties are chosen and marketed.


Solomou Nurseries has been a sole agent and distributor of Shamrock from BordnaMona (, known as the finest horticultural peat in the world, for over 20 years now. BordnaMona produces a wide range of peat mixtures both for wholesale (plant producers and growers, landscape and golf courses) and retailing.

Solomou Nurseries has recently become the agent and distributor of Kekkila products ( ), which include professional peat products and a big range for the hobby market including sea stones, decorative stones, bark and specialisation soils.


Fresh pot herbs and salads

The company's most recent introduction in the market is fresh pot herbs and salads. The products are supplied to supermarkets and garden centres, sleeved or un-sleeved with labelling, barcoding and information how to take care of the product. Our clients have the option of own branding or to use our brand.

Solomou Nurserie's fresh pot herbs and salads can be grown and harvested from a planter-box on your window sill for continual cutting and use, out on the patio for easy kitchen access, or allowed to thrive by incorporating them into your herb and vegie garden. Available in around 15 different culinary flavours and aromas, they are selected for the home gardener/chef to enjoy convenient, high quality, home-grown herbs with a perpetual life.

Like all things good and healthy, fresh is best and herbs provide their best taste, aroma and therapeutic values when consumed fresh from the living plant.

Our pot herb and salad nursery aims to produce superior quality pot herbs every day. This means the best tasting pot herbs with the best possible home life produced with the minimum impact upon the environment. To achieve this we use a range of growing techniques which replicate each of the plant's favoured, natural growing conditions. We make use of natural pest controls to ensure the products are chemical-free.

The range includes Basil, Chive, Coriander, Parsley, Mint, Thyme, Sage, Lettuce, Iceberg, Lollo, Rocket, Sage, Chives, Rosmary. 

Vasar pots
Garden furniture: a complete range of garden pots for plants and flowers in all sizes, manufactured in thermoplastic materials using the rotational moulding technology.
Light, resistant to shocks and all weather conditions, Vasar products renew the traditional style of Italian pottery with the geometrical and linear properties of an extremely elegant design.
Design: Telcom designers pay high attention to details, which are a modern evolution of traditional terracotta design. Our fine and elegant pots, conceived for garden decorations, can also be used as real pieces of furniture for interior decorations: they perfectly suit even your home or office desk.
Technical features of Telcom pots:
- light; they can be placed on balconies and verandas without losing stability;
- resistant to frost (-60°C) and heat (+80°C);
- resistant to shocks: what an effort it is to break a Vasar garden pot!
- environment-friendly, recyclable, Telcom pots do not disperse moisture;
- green thumb secret: your plants will benefit from the best conditions by placing a bed of gravel before adding compost.
Quality: all Telcom products are manufactured with selected raw materials; In addition, Telcom is certified ISO 9001:00 and ISO 14001:96.
The quality of Vasar products is endorsed by their success and durability.

Solomou Nurseries Ltd is an exclusive agent and distributor of Vasar pots in Cyprus and the products can be found in selected Garden centres, florists and furniture shops. For further information contact Solomou Nurseries Ltd. 



Artificial grass


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